What’s Happening Now

August-October 2017

  • In August I played for a few worship events and concerts with Maple City Chapel and Malachi Jaggers.

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  • I purchased my first analog synth! It is the Moog Minimoog Model D.  This is more than just a synth, it is a work of art.
  • Most of September and the first half of October were busy spent writing and recording to finish Malachi Jaggers’s album. Tracking is done and it is off to mixing and mastering!!  There were also a couple more worship events in these months.
  • In October, I was able to spend a week assisting Matt, a fantastic guy and wonderful engineer from Nashville, on recording vocals, violins and cellos, and a gospel choir. We used the famed Neumann U47, named “Betty” from Blackbird.

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May-July 2017

  • Played piano/keys for a missionary church camp in Mancelona, MI. We had both an indoor and outdoor venue. This family camp was so much fun with great folks.

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  • Played piano/keys for ReGen, Evana’s family and youth conference, at Taylor University.  It was amazing. Check out the slideshow below of some pictures.

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  • Continuing work on Malachi Jagger’s album.
  • I met Al Schmitt and had a chance to ask him all of my questions and hear a lot of his story and wisdom.  
  • Playing for Maple City Chapel and working on a new arrangement of Holy Holy Holy.

March-April 2017

  • Cidney DoBrodt‘s album, “Undone,” released on March 17! We have had multiple album release concerts/worship nights. Find her music here.  Cidney’s label is booking her 2017-2018 tour and we’re very excited about that.
    Cidney DoBrodt and the band. Left to right: Tyler Callahan (drums), Cidney DoBrodt, Nate Miller (bass), Christian “Mikey” McClain (guitars, vocals), Kenton Leidy (electric), and Patrick Forgey (piano, keys).
  • After March 17, my time has been spent recording piano and keys for Malachi Jaggers‘s upcoming album and rehearsing for Cidney.
    Tracking Rhodes for the Malachi Jaggers album.
  • I got new software and holy wow. I understand why sound designers and keyboardist rave about it.
    New software! YAY.
  • I played for the first time at Revolution Community Church.  I also played with Maple City Chapel again.
    Revolution Community Church
    Recording for Malachi Jaggers

February 2017

  • I am rehearsing for Cidney DoBrodt’s album release events in March and April. Check out one of her songs.

January 2017

  • Jan 7-12 I traveled to Fruitland Park, FL to play for Evana’s pastors and spouse conference. Evana is perhaps the nicest group of people ever; I’m excited to work with them again in a few months.

2016 Summary

  • Rebuilt my live keyboard rig to be comprehensive.
  • Started learning synthesis and sound design with Ian.
  • I upgraded my entire monitoring section at my production suite.
  • I did worship nights and concerts with Calvin Whetstone.
  • I played piano/keys for a lot of churches.
  • I traveled to Nashville (Blackbird) to record for the first time.
  • Produced my first song completely on my own.
    Group photo at the end of the weekend. (Not pictured: Tad)
    Long-time pal, Tad (electric), and I during the Saturday session.
    The vintage Rhodes run through some Strymon pedals was a lot of fun to play! My rack is hidden on the other side.
    Keyboard rig as of April 2016
    Fab Dupont at GearFest
    Sound design workshop with Peter James (left) and Ian McIntosh (right).
    Photo by Nitish Durbha (nitishdurbha.com)
    Worship night with Calvin Whetstone
    Worship night with Calvin Whetstone.
    Playing for NMC.