The /now Movement

Derek Sivers came up with the idea of creating a /now page on your website.  I heard about it from Eric Barfield.  You can check mine out here.  This page will give me an opportunity to keep others updated on what I am doing without spamming my blog subscribers or my friends on social media.  It also adds a way to keep me motivated to start and finish more work.  I will use it primarily for my work in music, but I will likely include significant areas of my personal life.  Here is how Derek describes it.

People often ask me what I’m doing now.

Each time I would type out a reply, describing where I’m at, what I’m focused on, and what I’m not.

So earlier this year I added a /now page to my site:

A simple link. Easy to remember. Easy to type.

It’s a nice reminder for myself, when I’m feeling unfocused. A public declaration of priorities.

(If I’m doing something that’s not on my list, is it something I want to add, or something I want to stop?)

It helps me say no, too. When I decline invitations, I point them to that page to let them know it’s not personal.