Some Nights I Wander about the Skies

Some nights I wander about the skies
Sifting and sorting through the lies
Origin lost or genesis known
Deceit’s goal is to make me alone
Once isolated, precarious and weak
The poison seeps into the creek
Formerly luscious and joyfully unbridled
This heart sequestered is quickly defiled
– – – – –
Lusting after exalted desire
My ultimate goals thrown to the fire
Selfishness steers this character astray
His grace and mercy I ultimately betray
Slowly it starts; little by little
Desperately justifying to achieve acquittal
Slippery slopes make quick the descent
To the place that yields nothing but malcontent
Sadly familiar and deceivingly displeasing
Strong and selfish wills were not appeasing
– – – – –
This story told in and out
Profiles the pieces strewn about
Formed through fire, coal, and ember
This life reduced to smoldering splendor
Some hours, minutes, or seconds is all
I find it takes to realize my fall
– – – – –
Yet, formed through agony, sweat, and blood
Forgiveness devastates like a flood
Due to love, grace, and mercy
My offenses forgotten to the sea
Plans to save, restore, and reform
What a joy to escape lukewarm
Learning to die to selfish will
The poison in this heart you kill
Formerly sequestered and thoroughly defiled
This heart rejoicing as a child
– – – – –
Often I was restless pursuing this thought
Some days it was easy and others was not
But relentlessly you sought
And furiously you fought
For the opportunity this life to wrought
Now to refuse I AM, I cannot
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –